Having just finally gotten Guitar pro again, I just made this up. It has both typical death metal dissonance but has it's fair share of melodical parts and a breakdown like a metalcore/deathcore song. As usual if you crit this I'll crit one of yours, too.
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As far as death metal goes, this is actually really good. The riffs are almost all interesting to listen to. The only bit I really didn't like was the chorus. The riff there wasn't unique, and while it worked in its context, after about four bars, the straightforward rhythm became boring. Even changing to quarter notes didn't help much. If you made this bit more rhythmically interesting, it would work much better.

On a second listen, what's REALLY missing from that chorus is chords underneath the lead line OR making it into a harmony (I think using both would be the best option, but I'm not the writer here). Having both guitars play the melody makes it sound extremely thin, and at least in my tastes, death metal is best when it sounds thick and huge.

The solo riff was pretty plain, nothing too unique. The solo itself was pleasant. Not too much shred, but not lacking either. The only complaint I could lodge against it is its conventionality. The diatonic scale usage throughout is, while not bad, very normal, for lack of a better word. I encourage some experimentation with melody, like the last bar of solo. That was a great ending to that solo.

The outro riff is the only other real complaint I have. It feels tacked on, like an afterthought. Cutting the song off at 159 works fine, IMO.

Also, BASS!! Even if you only have it follow the guitars, any bass is better than no bass. Even in MIDI, the piece will sound much thicker with bass.

All in all, it's good. I do like it; there's just some things here and there that I'd tweak.

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