Anybody like The Vaccines? I just ordered their album, I haven't heard the entire thing yet but it seems like it'd be worth it. I really like Post Break Up Sex, Wrecking Bar is a good song too.
"We're not really interested in the individual instruments sounds. We just like the way they dance together in the air." - Fabrizio Moretti

Absolutely terrible band.

And I always read their name as The Vaselines and get all excited, before realising it's this pile of shite.
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The point of underground bands is their not popular or famous most of the time. Thus there is a good chance they suck.
i really like them. got the album, its good. cant wait to see them at reading. noorgard is probably my favourite song on the album
One of my best friend keeps playing the album on repeat, so they actually kind of bug me. Although if I actually listened to them myself, I would probably change my opinion.

On that note, I may play it through Spotify..