So I'm a bit tispy right now but for the afternoon I went amp testing at my local Guitar Center. All of these were through a Fender MiM Tele and LTD EC-1000 VB

I tried a few impressive amps:

Mesa Boogie Single Rectifier:
Awesome. Even at super low volumes this baby had some great sounds on clean/distortion. You could dial in blues, to a nice metal bite. Perfect amp for a low level gigging musicians not wanting to spend a ton and have 2 or 3 channels of beautiful. It had a 2 button switch for channels, as well as a 3 channel switch for bright (lead?) who knows, it made it much louder. $899 used at GC - if you can pick this head up for $500 on Craigs, fantastic buy. I would in less tahn 5 seconds.

Jet Citty 5w Picowatt:
This thing ROCKS for metal...with the gain on 10. At the 2w function, at half volume with maxed gain this thing sounded beautiful. I didn't even try this tiny $299 head at anything else. It was really a huge surprise. Great sounds from a 4x12 with the 2w mode engaged at 6/10 volume. Honestly, great bedroom amp/recording amp. Had a nice, tight badass gain. The closest I've been to perfect gain, only slightly beat by the Single Rec. I just wish it had as nice a sound on the 5w setting (tones thinned out a ton on the same settings, sounding brittle, trebly, and thin). I would have bought it on the spot had this thing had 2 channels and 20-40ws of similar sound.

Also fantastic. This thing had a variety of gorgeous sounds, absolutely made me a huge convert/fan. I was in awe of the sounds this thing created. Huge metal sound with the gain at 10, but otherwise not much unless for classic rock/80s metal under that. One good pedal and for under $1k you have gorgeous metal tones. I hate to sound like a fanboy, but these amps impressed me beyond all! Still a little skeptical because my metal sound had the gain maxed - what options are out there to push this a bit further? I like having a bit more gain on tap for leads than maxing out for a sexy rythm/lead tone.

Peavey 6505+:
I tried this on low volumes (head+cab). This has been praised as the new coming of god as far as heavy metal. It has more gain than anything else I've ever played, but past ~6 its all mud. I got some nice heavy sounds at under 3 on master volume, but this baby was too much. The clean was pretty poor to be honest, the smaller combo had a much cooler clean. The head beat the cleans to hell. Definitely usable, but not as good as I've previously heard. The distorted noises were nice, but not as clear as the previous Jet City's. I could live with the cleans - nice, slightly broken cleans for dirty cleans. Trust me, this forum hates too hard. I liked them, but the option of crystal clear cleans is nice, and for what I want to play - this didn't do it.

The Single Rectifier is what I want/need. If I could find a head for $600 I'd snatch it up, but I don't have a big wad to spend on a head/cab right now. Until then, I'm waiting for the Jet City it looks like - either the 22w 2 channel or hearing back on the 50w 2 channel head since there isn't one near me.