BUMP; Updated
Finished guitars.
Will add drums later. If anybody wants to help/collab on writing drums, It's an open offer.
The song is finished.
All parts are done. Changed the last few seconds to a breakdown.
I'd appreciate some criticism.
Sorry for the late reply, been busy all week.

I quite enjoyed it, there were some odd chord choices which I didnt think sounded too good. Or like the first bar of the piece, I just didn't like the notes. Personal preference I guess. I liked the harmonies though, and the rhythms were pretty good too, like the first pre-chorus and the breakdown at the end.

I think I would've preferred it if the first chorus had a continuous chord sequence though, instead of the third bar of the chorus, if you get what I mean. The second chorus had a really nice lead melody for the first two bars, I wish it went on for longer. I think you could definitely make that longer. It would act as kinda like the climax of the piece as there isn't really one in this song.

The drums overall were pretty good too, I liked the drum roll in the intro. The ghost hit variation beat on verse 2 was a nice touch. The outro generally was pretty good.

So yeah, it's not bad, there's some cool parts, but I just think it needs a little work.