this is the link, it's just a minute sample really, the quality isn't brilliant, it's done in a home studio, the hissing sound on the track will be removed, thats an issue that appeared when it was uploaded and not on the actual CD track. Just want some feedback on this little clip really on Vocals, guitar, anything! Thanks!
A bit mooshy for my taste But
Production and quality are great IMO.
Melodies are great. Guitar is great. Voice is great.
Song is great.
i find the lyrics a little bit cringey, but i appreciate that they are probably written to appeal to a certain sector of the market.

I'm surprised to hear layered instruments and no percussive element. for me it feels like it should have a little bit more, (drums + strings) or a little bit less,

i think i would prefer it if you cut down on those layers and have it more minimalist like Jose Gonzalez' first album, the song "Harmony no Harmony" by million dead, or shoes and socks off

Shoes and socks off - I hope you know what you're doing
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Thanks for the feedback guys! It's written as a love song, so i suppose the mushyness comes with that! I'll take the layer thing on board and have a fiddle with it!

It's written as a very country influenced song, i'm from the UK but adore country/ country rock, acoustic so i have taken influences of my favourite artists like Brad Paisley, Keith Urban and just came up with it based on emotions i was feeling during a relationship in 2009.

thanks for the feedback so far!