I'm looking for a new amp, gotta be cheap tho, less than £180 new.

This is only for in my flat so smalls good, I aint gona need a stack. Thing I'm looking for, 2 chanels, 3 band eq and headphone out. Not bothered about onboard fx.

So what should I give a go and what should I avoid, I play some chillis, foos, acdc, j cash. Through a gretsch 5125 electromatic and a classic players 50's start. nout heavy by any means.
I gave the orange crush 35ldx a whirl the other week and was like oh that's not to bad not great but I'm planning on upgrading in 18 months anyway. Seems the mg amps are in my price range but they are about the only two amps I know of cheap.

I'm asking really because my local music shops pretty small so I was going to head out and hit a few diffrent shops so I wanted to build up a list of amps to try out


Look in your online classifieds like Gumtree or Craigslist or whatever's most popular. You should be able to get a used low-wattage tube amp for a little more than your budget - pretty much any tube amp you get will outdo any cheap solid state amp by miles and miles.

If you're set on a small solid state, however, avoid MGs and Spiders. The Crush isn't too bad for a solid state amp though. And the Peavey Rage series isn't too shabby either.

edit: i suppose you'll have to go solid-state if you want a headphone out. although there is the bugera V5 tube amp which has a headphone out and should fit pretty nicely into your budget. although you'll want to try that before you buy - some people love the v5, some people hate it.

double-edit: fuck me i forgot all about modellers. peavey vypyr 30's probably your best bet for an apartment amp that you don't want to play loudly. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Peavey-Vypyr-30-Guitar-Amplifier-30-Watts-/310303216748?pt=UK_MusicalInstr_Amplifiers_RL&hash=item483f83546c#ht_5983wt_1141
or even the 15 watter http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Peavey-Vypyr-15-Best-Practice-Guitar-Amp-Full-Stop-/380296123171?pt=UK_MusicalInstr_Amplifiers_RL&hash=item588b6a5323#ht_500wt_922
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I'd rather buy a multi effects with a headphone jack if I were you.
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vht special 6 off thomann, head and cab, in budget

or it was last time i checked, iv not been on for a while so check it out it shouldnt be too much more expensive but last time i wa son it was £160

EDIT:http://www.thomann.de/gb/vht_special_6_bundle.htm there ya go bud, only thing is it doesnt have a headphone socket but they are cracking little amps.

EDIT2: just checked what you were after again :P, it doesnt have 2 channels per say but it does have a boost pedal to give it sa bit more grit. could work as a seecond channel,

doesnt have a three band eq but the does have volume and tone, i would give it a listen on the tube before you forget about it lol
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