Me and my band are planning on recording and releasing an EP next month. It has seven songs, and two of them are called "Mr. Politician" and "Tale of Retribution".

The problem is, is that we are writing a concept album revolved around those two songs. This was kind of a recent idea, and we plan on taking as much time with it as possible, so it can be the best it can possibly be. So, it probably won't be finished for a year or two.

However, these are two pretty solid songs, and we play them all the time at our shows, so our fans know and like these two songs and would probably like to hear them on the EP, and in my opinion they're strong enough songs to draw in more fans.

So with all this in mind, should we just cut them from the EP and wait to release it on the album later on? Or should we still release it on the EP and re-record and re-release them with the new album?

Thanks in advance.
Put them on the EP and cut the EP track number down to the 4 strongest songs that show the widest variety of your talents.

Then put them on your album, up to you wether to re record or not and you then have 3 songs to mess with that you didnt put on your ep already so you can take riffs, fill etc from them, making the whole album process quicker aswell.
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I would say put them on the E.P. then re-record for album as you can always re-record them for the album. One of the main reasons for an E.P. is to give an idea of what your album will sound like, a lot of artists use a song or two from their E.P. on their album.
Yeah put em on the E.P., especially since you said that the album may not be completed for a year a more. Rerecord it and throw it on there, in that span of time will have acquired several new fans who won't dig around for a bands original E.P. . You need the good stuff on the best product, but having it out early too to show people what you're really made of is good. If you put your second rate songs on their, people will buy it and mentally catagorize you as mediocre.

Here's an idea, put some covers on the E.P., but make sure you mix em up. Alot of artists do that with E.P.s, works pretty well.
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Definitely throw them on the EP. The majority of listeners probably won't even pick up that they're part of a concept until the whole album comes out, but if they're good songs and are fan favorites, it's a no-brainer to include them.

Good luck with your creation of the concept, by the way! A well done concept album is a beautiful thing
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A 7 track EP?

At 7 tracks you could take those two out and save them for the album.

Then you'd have a 5 track EP which seems a lot more sensible to me.
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To me it depends on how strong your other 5 songs are. Are these 2 songs the stand-out best songs you have or are they just a personal favorite of yours? If your other 5 songs could draw in some fans I would save these 2 for the concept album. But then again, It's not uncommon to see a band release an EP and then include a few songs from the EP on their full length. But 7 songs IS a pretty long EP
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