I was saving up for a Frontman 212r and found an FM212r on craigslist. whats difference? is there a difference in tone and quality? is the fm212r worth the buy for $200?

my style is experimental rock. comparable to Buckethead meets modern metal.
my budget is around $250
i live in Providence, RI
new/used doesnt really matter much to me
and i will be gigging soon.

im confused because i see reviews that say both are bad and then i see videos of Lamb of God covers done with no effects on the Frontman. but is the FM and Frontman the same amp basically?
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they're the same amp, FM=FrontMan

but yeh, avoid.
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and i heard good things. especially this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fzaBbVFtNE&NR=1

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i think that the frontman 212R and FM212R are basically the same amp internally.. the difference is the frontman looks misleadingly like a classic blackface fender amp.
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Both of those links are the same.

I'm glad you updated your OP, as I was about to write you off

FM stands for Frontman so if their are any differences at all they would be very minor. I believe Fender had a Frontman series a long time ago so that is more of the classic name (styling). FM is the modern name (styling). Still basically the same thing. Now, if one of those also had a DSP (Digital Signal Processing) behind the name then that meant it had the extra effects built in such as: delay, chorus, vibrato, etc. They all came with reverb and the non-DSP versions had a 'R' designated for reverb. FM212R for example.

I had the DSP version. I didn't use the effects or the onboard distortion as both were pretty bad imo. It was however a decent platform for MFX type pedals which is what I did. I ran a Digitech RP250 into it almost all the time. It was a decent 'starter' set up but I quickly grew tired of it and bought a tube amp. I checked that Youtube vid and although it sounds fairly decent, I noticed the player was mainly playing single notes with an active pickup guitar. That is not too hard to pull off with that amp. Try doing anything more than that (for metal in particular) and you will be let down. The highest distortion setting the amp has is called 'Hot Rod'. It is not metal oriented and cannot pull of that Rock crunch either. I noticed that it looked like some of the other videos that dude was doing he was using an RP355.

I checked your local Craigslist and didn't see anything worth buying. Stay away from the Spiders on there. With your budget and music styles I would look at a Peavey Vypyr 75.