Im looking at a new amp, i play mostly metal such as metallica and black sabbath but also clean stuff like RHCP, the gain is more important to me than the cleans, i play a cort x2 with emg pickups and am also beggining to create my own music, i have a price range of about £500 and need something that can handle small - medium sized gigs, also i would like it to be full tube, ive looked at Marshal MA50C's peavey 6505+ 112s and also bugera, at the moment i play a vox vt15ad and a digitiech multi fx pedal
nah i dont want another modelling/practice amp i want a tube amp that will last me, im happy to buy individual fx pedals if i want them
go for the bugera 6260, sounds great for metallica and and sabbath, does the dio era stuff especially well
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If price is an issue (and when isn't it) why not look at used old stock that didn't catch fire in the 90s?

Seymour Duncan Convertibles are at the top of this list and are GREAT tube amps, and a 100 watt 112 combo can be had for about $400 (originals went for well over $1,000). Built like a tank, will last 150 years.

You'll get five modules in the amp for this, and with the right pairing you can get very close Marshall 800 or MB Rectified tones. Very nice smooth metal crunch.

Another to look at is a Sunn Model T, but these are going to set you back a bit more than $400.
Crate Blue Voodoos offer some great tones, too, but again can be pretty expensive.

Another great amp? Carvin Bel Air 212 50W, but this is closer to a Fender twin in design, so you'll probably have to put a pedal in front of it. Still, worth the sub $400 price used models are going for.
A Laney GH50L wouldn't be bad. Tony Iommi has a signature one. btw the 100 is far too loud. I only got the 100 watt because it was cheaper than the 50 watt at more local store for some reason. I'm sure it could do Metallica pretty easily. You could easily get one for less than£500