Would the notes for guitar be the same as the notes for piano? Just in case I ever do have to read the notes I'd like to know them.

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Same notes yes.
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Same notes, but an octave higher. Guitar notes are written an octave higher than they sound.
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Yes. Be careful to read for anything that says the notes written are not in the current octave, like "8va" of "8vb".

All G cleff music is universal with other G clef tabs.
All C cleff is with other C cleff
etc etc with all the other types of cleff.
Remember the middle C is the 3rd fret on the A string, when you're in standard tuning of course, and make sure you're reading the right clef.

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The notes themselves are the same. Most, if not all guitar music is written using the treble clef.
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it's not exactly the same, when you play a C note (1st fret, 2nd string) it is an octave lower then it is written.
If a piano player would see that same note, he would play a high c, exactly one octave higher then on the guitar.

There are other instruments where it get's complicated, eg: clarinet in b flat etc..
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