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So I recorded a short rhythm track and Uploaded it on an awful website!! Tell me what more can be done???


Depends what you mean by what more can be done... you could:

record it better
- better tone
- studio recording
play it better
- more confidence
- more consistent timing
- cleaner
turn it into a full song
add a lead part and turn it into a jam

I could probably keep going but that would be stupid. Just like this question.
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congratulations. uploading your recorded music can be a good feeling. the more you record yourself, the more familiar you become with the process of making and creating music and thus making you a better musician so keep up recording yourself. make tons of recordings. also, practicing improvising will help you out if you ever want to play live so try to do a lot of improvising in your recordings.

overall the recording you got going on sounds great. keep it up