Hey guys, I'm listeneing to a song at the moment, and repeated occasionally during the song is dialogue that sounds like it's from a movie, but if I google the lyrics, only the lyrics to the song comes up.

These are the lyrics (well, quote *in* the lyrics):

"The easiest thing in the world for a girl to do is to get picked up. That's why if you're on the move, the highway's the only way to go. As sure as there are men in the world I know my ticket to anywhere is gonna be along soon. See, all you need is a decent pair of legs, a quick thumb, and a whole lot of right answers."

I can't even find a youtube version of the song, since it was a pretty unkown song back when it was released here, but the song is 'Horny Blonde Forty (Portishead Remix)' by Machine Gun Fellatio.

If anyone knows where this dialogue is from, it'd be amazing!

If you can't google the words and find a film or movie, chances are it was never from a film or movie. Unless it's an obscure movie.. in which case you'll probably never know :/
They probably recorded it themselves if you can't find the lyrics.

In my world, the color RED doesn't exist.

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Yeah, I was basically thinking the same as the above 2 posts.
It *does* sound quite like it's from a movie though. Just...the sound of it is a bit scratchy and theres a small background hiss with it.

That being said, I do think I one found a link that led to another webpage without lyrics or anything, but I can't find that site again....