I was bidding on a red sib echodrive, but that didn't turn out well.
So I'm in the market for a new delay pedal.
I've been looking at the line 6 dl4, and the boss re20, but I'll look at anything anyone thinks would work.
My favorite bands are Queens of the stone age, Radiohead, and Manchester Orchestra.
My band's bad/old demos:
I have one delay pedal right now and it's the way huge aqua puss.
I'd prefer for the delay pedal to have tap tempo but can get by without it.

thanks in advance
the memory lane jr. sounds pretty good. I would look at that
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i use a boss dd-5 in conjuction with a boss rv3 (reverb + delay) does everything i need
cost half as much as a dl4 and re20 and i have a separate tap tempo pedal for the dd5
and i LOVE LOVE LOVE manchester orchestra

also, i dig your old tunes..where ya guys from?
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Quote by hahaha15
Do they all beat the line 6 and boss re20?

While the Line 6 might have more features, soundwise the ones that denied posted are better.
Thanks man! they sound a lot better now, lotsa little things over the past few months. We are from dallas metroplex, tx. you? We are 16, so we can just now start getting good gear thanks to jobs haha.
Are malekko 616's good? All those ones ya'll showed me destroy that little way huge, or maybe I'm not used to it yet. I got it recently so I haven't figured everything out yet.
Quote by hahaha15
Do they all beat the line 6 and boss re20?

They slay it. Don't have that much experience with the RE-20 but the DL4, while it's a great pedal with great features, doesn't sound all that good.

The Aquapuss is a nice delay, downside is the short delay time though.
I reallllllyyyyyyyyy ****ing love my RE-20. Like, a lot. Though an El Cap does the whole tape thing way better. I need to get one and see which I like more.
So the el cap looks like the best bet? I want one with tap and longer delay time to go with my aqua puss. i want it to be pretty versatile too. And pull off qotsa.