Okay stop in GC to look around and kill some time. Went to the used guitar area and they had a Dean Dave Mustaine vmnt end game guitar.

But they had it marked as the Vmnt-x the bolt on neck and as used. There is not a mark on it .

If it was used then who ever had it never played it. After playing it I wanted it the pick-ups sux bad but the neck felt so good and a really low action.

Got it out the door for $ 180.00

Here is the spec. from deans web site

(Dave Mustaine vmnt end game)

At $180 I really wouldn't care what it played like. Bargain, probably make for a good stage guitar if nothing else.
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you got it probably what it should be priced at for a used one of them...

just a guess, but they're about £250 new here.

as is always the case, if you like it, and it feels right, why not buy it?

also IF this is an NGD post, can we haz 2/3 of pics/review/clips plz. kthx
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