Hi All,

I'm interested in the Modtone Octave Pedal. I've been YouTube clips for it and it looks like it suits my needs. But I truly HATE the front decal. I know this sounds like a little thing and it really is, but I'd like to remove the decal completely and just be left with a dark blue box. Can this be done? and if so, how?

-Major Bludd
WD40 or acetone helps ease off most decals, depends what finish is under it.

WD40 is usually safe on everything.

And patience.. lots of patience when peeling it off.
the decal is most likely under the finish. which means you have to take the finish off to start removing the decal. bit of a pain really. my suggestions would be to either completly remove all of the finish and re-finish the whole thing, or buy a new enclosure and transfer it.

small bear has a bunch of enclosures, some pre finished. all you would have to do is drill your holes. im sure you could even find someplace where they have pre-drilled ones too.
Hmmm. If the decal is under the finish, that would probably mean I'd be left with a steel-coloured front panel when all is done. Woud I be able to take sandpaper and sand down the sides of the pedal to achieve the 'steel box' effect?