i have seen not long ago an 18 string guitar. it had two bodys put together, two necks, and two headstocks. the top body had 12 strings, the strings were paired together a few milameters apart. the bottom body was a standard 6 string guitar setup. what i was wondering was, does anybody have the knowlege to play the top part? is there even a use for it?
A 12 string guitar is commonly used for chords because it is a sort of doubled sound. You tune a 12 string like a regular guitar for each doubled string. (EE AA DD GG BB ee) or you can tune an octave higher or lower. (Ee Aa Dd Gg Bb ee). Guitarists like Jimmy Page use double neck guitars like the Gibson G-1275 ( I think that's the model). Most famously, Jimmy Page uses a G-1275 for Stairway to Heaven live. Since the strings are so close, it is fairly easy to fret both at one time.
iv seen a good bit of live bands in clubs and bars and never seen anybody play more than a 6 string.
It's just a 6 string and 12 string guitar stuck to one body. Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin played a 6/12 double neck all the time.
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The 12 string has an effect much like a natural chorus. You play it more or less like you would any other 6-string guitar.
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Don Felder: Eagles; Hotel California used a double neck
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