hi guys i have a problem and it is when i skip strings maybe i don't hit the string that i want to or it make some noice so my question is there is a song or a good exercise to practice this i ll do any thing to overcome this problem
Curse of the Castle Dragon-Paul Gilbert. Really helped me master string skipping
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Also. for easy string skipping, look at the intro to Wanted Dead or Alive- Bon Jovi. Thats the easiest, and therefore best place to start I can think of. One you master that, take on some harder ones!
Whatever you're doing already, just slower.
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The intro to Hell's Bells, get that down and you've got a good start for skipping.
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Just run up and down the strings. Start on the low E high going to high E. Then swap and go from high E back to low E.

Here is another good exercise for getting your fretting hand moving position.


Specific warm up exercises don’t really matter. As long as you do something easy that gets the blood going to your hands and getting you ready for the practice.
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Whatever you're doing already, just slower.

This, just take your time and build the muscle memory to each string that you want to skip to. A really good excersize that I found useful for string skipping is this:


and then from the High E just descend back to your Low E, and for fun you can move up one position to so it would be 9-8-7-6 on the way down. Just practice it slowly, let the notes ring clear, and eventually your hands will get used to it and you'll know where each string is without having to "fret" ta dum chh. Have fun!
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