hey guys, its been a while since I posted in this forum, but i'm looking for some input. I currently own a MIK tokai sg 43. Now I learned this from the tokai forums after asking there for help. They told me it was that model and whatnot and it was made in 2005. So The guitar is a red sg copy and has a few dings on the horns and on the back. It isnt really bad, but it is noticable. Now I wanted to do some work to it. For a while now i've been wanting to strip the paint, sand down the neck a bit and give it a natural colour or like a dark varnish colour. And also change the straplock from the back to the horn so it wont slip as much. I want some input on this, is it a good idea? or should I leave it as it is. And any opinions on the changing the straplock place? Is it much better than having it in the back where it normally is?

Also theres a problem with stripping the paint, it will get the serial number. The serial number is printed on rather than engraved, and I do not know if I can get around it. I will have a professional painter do it for me, but I still do not know if he will be able to get around it. So any help or opinions? btw here are some pics.

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I've seen people move the strappin to the horn to solve neck dive issues and it worked.

As for refinishing. You could always have the person refinishing it write down the serial and put it back on afterwards. (Though I'd suggest you not decide on reselling it after some time. most people may deem it fake then even if you say you had it refinished.)

If this guy can refinish the guitar i'm pretty sure he can re-engrave the serial.
ok, thanks for the input. I'll ask him if he can. And yeah thats what I was thinking about rewriting the serial. But I could also ask to have it engraved. Thanks.
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be careful when sanding down to the wood, especially if you want to varnish it, or stain or do anything that has the grain of the wood showing through. im not familiar with that brand of guitar, but ive seen some that are literally made of plywood, so you might want to make sure you have a backup plan if the wood grain is shitty.

also, as far as sanding the neck down, if you mean to refinish then thats ok, but if you mean you want a thinner neck so you're gonna sand it down, i'd say dont bother. you could take off too much wood and get into a lot of issues there.

moving the straplock is fine, just be sure you put it in a place where you wont be moving it again.
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thanks I really appreciate everyone's input. And I wanted a thinner neck, but if I do sand it down slightly to make it thinner, what problems would arise? would it affect the tension and warp the neck?
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