Hi i was watching ozzy live at budokan the other day and noticed that Zakk has a very diffrent pick holder than anything i've seen on the internet for sale. I would like on like this but not sure what it is called. Here is the videa for it and the time http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WNixdeYSiI 4:54. Now it might be double sided tap but doesn't that wreck the guitar paint and leave residue plus wouldn't it make the picks all sticky?
Pretty sure it's just tape dude. Tony Iommi does the same thing.
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Glad to see Bruce and Rob on there.

Stevie Wonder is a great singer but he would be really boring the watch, he just sits there the whole time

Stevie Wonder is blind...moron...
No i just want the name of the type it don't have to be zakks all i can find are the one that clump them in one little area i like this one cause there separate and form to the body of the guitar plus it don't look ugly like the other ones
Thats pretty sick actually exacrtly what i'm looking for but i might as well use double sided tap if it won't destroy the finish.
Double sided tape works but not with every pick, some picks dont stick.