thinking of getting a Jensen Oil and Paper .022 tone for my dot studio to try to brighten it abit. Will this make a big difference?
Its not going to matter too much honestly with getting a PIO cap. They really only exhibit their differences under high voltages like in an amp. A film cap might be an upgrade from a ceramic cap, but from a film to PIO your really just paying for Mojo. I could only ever hear much of a difference using them in amps as Power amp coupling caps anyway.
It will brighten the parameter as in the entire sweep of the pot.
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Changing pots will have an effect.

I'm not very good with my guitar wiring info but I believe changing from .047 uF to .022 uF will make it brighter.

As for the Paper and Oil cap, like others said, you're pretty much paying for mojo at that point.
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What would be best for type cap for my axe.i got the microfarads figured now what about the type?
I bought an original sprague black beauty cap for my les paul back when i was a bit more gullible and I can't honestly tell the difference from the stock ceramic. There may be a noticeable difference if you have good ears but buried under effects, distortion etc i doubt it.
Well it was my guitar instructor that thought my Dot Studio would benefit from it.I have been eyeballing one of the wiring upgrade kits from RSguitarworks.But not really ready to drop that kind of dough yet.still recovering from amp and guitar purchase.LOL