Okay, my living situation dictates that I cannot mic an amp, but I have a nice pedalboard built up, and dont want to go direct out of a multieffects unit or anything like that. I like my pedals, and the tone they produce, but the clean sound going right into my DI box lacks.......character. I guess. Used to play through a deluxe reverb, which has a great clean sound. I was wondering if there is a pedal I can get that would somehow emulate the clean channel from the DR....... Maybe like a sansamp from tech21 or something. Something I could record directly from, with no mic, and use live right into a mixing board.

(For this reason I don't want to use a software vst in protools or anything like that.)

any preamp with a clean channel you like, and a direct out will work.
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Line6 pod xt live has a deluxe reverb amp sim thats pretty close to the real thing.
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.. Maybe like a sansamp from tech21

Sounds like you answered your own question
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^ pretty close, to whose ears?

I have both so I know what they sound like.