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I listened to it I think it is really good!
Thanks man! Glad you liked it, check back I have another track in the works that'll be up this week.
Critting as I listen:

Good melodies in the intro. The rhythm tone is nice and thick. The drums are a hair too low; I had to listen carefully for the kick drum.

The biggest issue I have is that the bass is almost nonexistent. The guitars are tuned really low and I'm assuming that you had the bass double the guitar. That's a really easy move, but it robs you of the chance to fill your sound out and add some new depth to your music. I'd think that a person claiming jazz as an influence would have a stronger bass line in his composition, but I can hear any semblance of a bass unless I'm mistaking it for a guitar.

Overall, it's good, but I take issue with the lack of depth - the kick drum got buried somewhere along the line and the bass doesn't seem to exist in any audible range. The guitar work is solid and well recorded. The lead tone is a little thin for my taste, but the rhythm sound is spot on aside from a little muddiness on those open string chugs in the (numerous) breakdowns.

Hey Geldin, I really appreciate your critique. I worked pretty hard on getting the perfect rhythm tone but when it came to lead I kind of rushed it. I'll be sure to go back and fix that up. With the drums, I agree the kick is a tad too low, that's an easy fix though. As for the bass, the bass has a unique line, but I think I made it too quite so it blends in with the guitar. Again, easy fix. Lastly some of the bass lines do follow the guitar, but when I tried giving the bass something farther away from the guitar parts, it sounded really busy like there was this half audible noise in the background. I'll be sure to mix in the bass a little more though. Again, thanks for your critique it's just what I was looking for.
Hi there! first thing I can hear is that the snare sounds a little dry, and there's a sound there I don't really liked, but thats just my opinion... the bass break is interesting, actually a change of peace that I would never espected it really contrast with the rest of the tune, the arrangement in the guitar is good, the bass sounds good too, overall a good track man, keep rocking!

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Thanks for taking the time to give me some criticism it's just what I'm look for on these forums. The snare I'll take a listen and see if I can get a better tone. I have some changes I've made, but the song made it to #1 on prog metal and #3 on metal so I don't really wanna remove it to make some minor changes. When I withdraw it from the charts to try to get my new song in there I'll update the version of that song. The bass break was kind of interesting I thought cause I was trying to make my style unique, so I tryed blending 2 of my favourite styles of music. Dissonant breakdowns and deathcore, and modern jazz xD Check back this weekend, I have a bass on my lap as I type this and I'm tracking the bass for a new song. Again thanks for listening dude glad you liked it!