the SpiderCapo is an amazing new Capo idea I found while googling random things, I believe this was on the 17th page of 'porn' on google.

...anyway, this awesome design lets you capo individual strings so you can go to about 100 different tunings without touching your tuners on your guitar. this is definitely a must for any floyd-rose owner.

I have one of these, its fun to mess around with but I haven't found a practical application for it yet
Fits around my seven strings' neck an every other guitar I've used it on.
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I have one of these. I've only used it with my acoustic guitar for Antoine Dufour/Andy McKee type music, and it works pretty well.
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Also, I can't really see a useful application for the Spider capo. I demoed one a while back and it just seemed kinda gimicky.... Like I couldn't find a useful thing to do with it for the music I play.

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