I'm trying to get back into shape. I'm not overweight or anything, but there are times where I feel too scrawny. So I was wondering if anybody knows of any good, EFFECTIVE workout routines? If so could you post a link to a website for it or just what you do and how often or something. I prefer NOT to join a gym, but if i have to I have no problem with it.
Also I don't wanna buy any ridiculous over priced equipment. So no shakeweight or anything like that please.
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Running, Push ups, sit ups.
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if you want to lose fat, do lots of cardio, calisthenics.

if you start pushing weights, start with high reps, low weights. To begin you can focus mostly on things like your core and legs, as that's where most of fat will accumulate. But it would be best to cycle through ALL muscle groups. Don't become like those guys who just do curls, bench and traps. And goddammit, don't blast rapmusic, and especially NEVER wear a wifebeater. You'll essentially look like another wigger going to the gym which would essentially make you look like all of them who claim to be in fact different and not alike.
I have no weights or anything. But I'm getting by toning my upper body (not looking to get ripped or anything, just toned) by doing things like crunches, sit-ups, pushups etc, as well as mixing it with a good diet.

Make sure you're doing enough to make an effect and do it regularly.
Pressups and situps, squats and pullups.

If you can get equipment go for a rowing machine, they're awesome.
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