Any of you guys experience this issue? I have a Dean ML which i absolutely love for tone and looks, but whenever i play it it gives me horrible hand cramps. Then when i switch over to my ESPs, it is like night and day. I feel fine, i play better, and my hands dont hurt. The dean does have a much thicker neck considerably then the thin U shape of the ESP, but i always thought people got hand cramps from thinner necks, not thicker.

Ive tried playing with lighter pressure on the strings and everything, but no matter what it still hurts.

So is it time to sell the Dean and buy another ESP? Anyone have any similar issues like this?
It's not thinner to thicker or vice versa, it's just comfortable to uncomfortable.

Feel and tone are about equally important, but you'll have a harder time sounding good if you can't play as well.
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I used to get hand cramps with my Jackson KVX10, which had a pretty thin neck. Saying that, the Wizard II neck on my Ibanez is ultra-thin and that doesn't hurt at all. Some people can get cramp from thicker necks, I guess it all depends on the profile. Does your ML have the V profile neck? Because if so, my friend had the same issue as you (I personally love the V neck xD), and in the end the only solution was to sell his guitar. He ended up getting a BC Rich, and ever since then he started accumulating BC Riches because he loves the necks on them. If I were you, I'd just try out a bunch of different guitars at shops, and if any of them in a decent price range have a neck which is more comfortable, I'd say sell the Dean and buy the one you like. No point in having a guitar which is a pain to play
If a guitar is neck heavy, which many guitars with fancy shapes are.While you play you are trying to hold the neck more upright, and you probably dont notice it, but it will cause some strain on your hand.
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Yeah it's just about finding what's msot comfrotable for your hands. Some people get cramps on thin necks, others cramp on thick necks. Some people can't play well on thick necks, other people play faster on thick necks than on thin ones. Once you find a neck that works well for your hands, stick with it. This is why it's so stupid when people offer advice like "don't buy Gibsons because they have baseball bat necks" or "this brand has a super fast neck". It's all completely subjective.
I can't play thinner neck either. I get cramps as well. Bums me out because there are a lot of Ibby's that I really like that I can't even play without it killing my hand.
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I kill my hand playing thick necks, personally. I've just gotten so used to thin Ibanez necks that if I were handed a Les Paul baseball bat neck now, I'd be violently uncomfortable.

It's just my experience though. Another person may shred on a Les Paul neck and f*ck his hand over on an Ibanez.
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I've never had problems playing on other guitars. Perhaps you may want to look at your technique.

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If a guitar is neck heavy, which many guitars with fancy shapes are.While you play you are trying to hold the neck more upright, and you probably dont notice it, but it will cause some strain on your hand.

i found that a good fix for this is sitting classical position like you would if you're playing a V-shaped body style
I don't really like paper thin necks. My Dean's got a reallly thin neck, like an Ibanez RG. And my Kramer has more of a thick, stratocaster type neck. Which do I prefer? The Kramer, hands down. Thin necks don't fit in my hand well, and I have a hard time with them. It's all preference, and it could also be your playing style that is giving you cramps.
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