Sorry for the gay title. First, lets start off, I'm a metalhead who is trying to grow his hair long. I'm 14 and english if this makes a difference to anything, and I have very weird curly hair. By weird I don't mean disgusting, I actually get a lot of compliments on my hair. But I don't like it that much. At the back, it's about two inches down my back, and at the sides it's flip length (basically down to my neck).

I shampoo every 2/3 days and condition every day (using Aussie Miracle Moist), and once every week I use a mineral hair spa treatment on my hair to promote moisture (yeah, my hair is extremely dry), and basically the point of this thread is, how can I grow my hair so it looks cool?

I see people with totally awesome hair and I just wish I could grow mine so it looks very metall-ish and awesome if that makes sense. I've been told to put some 'afro-carribbean oil on after shampooing' by a friend of mine with similar (and nicer) hair to me, but he doesnt seem to know where he got it from, apparently it's just a 5 litre tub he 'found somewhere'. So, having given up on that pursuit, what can I do to make my hair better? At the minute it looks vaguely like an afro, with corkscrew curls hanging down from it. I've only been growing it just over a year; am I still just in the infamous awkward stage of growing hair? Will it grow out of this weird looking mop on my head and into elbow length, evil looking hair? Or should I just give in to hair straighteners or a thermal ionic permanent straightener?

Or go bald and get tattoos on my head like Kerry King did? xD please help anyone, this is really bugging me and any advice would be appreciated! =]