My friend just described a song she wanted to listen to that she hadn't heard in a long time. But she didn't know the name of the band, or song, and couldn't remember any lyrics lol. All she remembered was that the singer sounded like he couldn't catch his breath And the song was played with an acoustic guitar and was really quiet.

Anyone have any idea lol?

Any male singer/songwriter song ever?
Spin round carousel
When your horse isn't screwed in

ITS "WHICH SONG IS THIS"! for Gods sake...

And yes, could be any song. Tears in heaven?
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Could you tell us what kind of music she's into? That could narrow it down

Or maybe it's something she remembers from MTV back when she was in primary school / junior high...

/] 三方 [\
Elliott Smith's more depressed songs?
Bright Eyes?
Anything by Conor Oberst?
Acoustic Radiohead?
Every single emo artist ever?