Hey whatsup so i mean vie been playing guitar for a sold 6 years straight and never have had recording equpment or even recorded anything , well never used proper recording techniques
I have songs written down acousticly and i was just wondering what im gunna need to record vocals and guitar down. I have no microphones or anything either but i do have a few hundred dollars im working with! I also have a very very good computer built from scratch from my buddy , so my computer can handle any program.
Your help would be amazing
Well i wanna buy everything at once. I dont need anything expensive and crazy just simple.. but that looks sweet actually, what would your say be on microphones and whatnot?
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This would be something great to get you started recording vocals and acoustic. It comes with an interface (a way to hook up a mic and guitar to your computer), monitor headphones, a condenser mic good for recording vocals and acoustic, and all the necessary cables, plus PreSonus's Artisit One Studio software. Pretty much everything you need to get started.

If you want to find stuff on your own, you need an interface, a mic (probably a condenser for vocals and acoustic guitar), and some way to monitor, whether that be headphones (monitor headphons, not just any headphones) or actual monitors.

BTW, if you want to record electric guitar, you're better off mic-ing an amp instead of going straight into the interface.
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