My brother and I literally have tried dozens of times trying to record his drum set in Cubase Le4 and Le5. There are 4 mics plugged in [inputs 1 - 4 on the Tascam] but only the mics in 1 - 2 are getting the sounds picked up. On inputs 3 - 4, the light on the mixer shows that they are being heard, but we can't hear them nor can we record them. So all we're hearing is the snare and the bass drum!!! We're like WHAT THE FUUUUCK! So anyone who might know what could be up with it, please let me know!

Things we already know are:
1. The "on" buttons for the inputs are pushed.
2. The volume for each track are up.
3.The "mixer" and monitor settings are up.
Make sure there's tracks for them in your recording device?
Just call me Julius, J, etc.
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