Whenever I play the solo, it just sound empty and doesn't sound as "full" as in the actual song. I'm using an Epiphone Les Paul Standard and a Peavy Vypyr 15. Not much, but how can I get as close as possible with my current equipment?

Solo starts at 5:55

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Have you tried different combinations of the pickups on your guitar? That always gives you different tones, that and just mess around with the treble bass and mid on your amp and see what happens.
Put the gain on 7, bass on 4, mid 5, treble 6. Use reverb, maybe some chorus. Use the treble setting on your guitar and have the knobs all the way up.
on the eq: try the basses(low) on 3/4, the middle or/and the contour at a little less than 2/3, and the treble at more than 3/4.

Gain half way or at 2/3.

Some reverb too, it might work

And yeah treble mic