ok so i may be getting a 7 string guitar as a graduation this year from my parents.
my budget is 1000$ roughly and i want to buy new unless i see some incredible once in a lifetime deal. im in canada near toronto.

main use would be for higher gain applications.

also, i dont particularly like ibanez guitars, i played a 7string s series once that was ok but didnt like that it was bolt on or the shape of the neck. id rather it be set neck or neck thru.

a floyd or a floating trem would be really nice too as long as its not garbage\
24 frets would also be appreciated

heres one im considering, keep in mind, with the case and shipping itll come out to be just over 900 for me


amp is a peavey 6534+ through an old mesa/boogie cab
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Schecter Hellraiser C7 FR. It's got a set neck, EMG 707tw pickups, and an Original floyd rose trem.
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I'd would actually go with the Agile, just because my Septor Elite is so awesome. Couldn't find anything short of a MIJ Prestige Ibanez or Jackson USA that beat it. What I do want to tell you though is that Agile's stock is super limited right now, but they'll be getting a load of new stock during April or May. If you wait till then, you'll have way more options (more finishes, Duncan Blackouts if you want, with a 27" scale). If you're good with EMGs and the green finish, then go for it. I'm personally not a fan of EMGs, but the green = . If you did want to wait a few weeks though, you might get something else you really like.
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id much rather have good passives in it like BKPs but im fine with EMGs personally
Well what you could do is custom order an Agile with the Cepheus pickups, and switch them out for BKPs. The custom would be about $100 over-budget, but it does come with an OFR as far as I know, and you can choose any finish you want. You would just have to wait until October or December to get it, but it would also give you a bunch of time to get the other half of the guitar's price before shipping.

I'm pretty much an Agile salesman around here now, I'm probably even expected to suggest Agile's (when applicable of course.)
well im not too worried about having an OFR, from what ive heard, if you take care of a liscensed floyd you shouldnt have any problems, and i dont think custom ordering one would be worth it since id pay more for it to have oassives stock, then to switch them out.

it seems way more expensive then it has to be

aother thing im worried about is the longer scale length, im very used to 24.75" and i find the 25.5 on my telecaster wierd sometimes, would the jump from 24.75 to 27 be manageable?
^ It should be, I find any less than 27" on an ERG tends to make the bottom end sound really loose. I didn't really have a problem at all going from a 24.75" or 25.5" scale to a 27", but I'm like 6'5" so that might be a factor. If anything you'll have to get used to it over anywhere from a couple hours to a week or two, but it shouldn't be a big hurdle.
ok then cuz im not really huge, pretty normal, 5'11 about. like i can manage a 25.5 scale but 9/10 times i prefer a 24.75 unless im playing really high up, like fret 17 and beyond
ya i just checked today, because im in canada i have to buy a hardcase with the guitar, and then on top of that, shipping is 190$ for me minimum.

so the total before customs and/or taxes for me is 922$ canadian roughly.

the scheter thats been mentioned would probably come out to 1100 or 1200
Awesome! if this is the case then im kinda SOL

because the olny 7 strings in my price range that i can find are the scheter, ibanez and agile, if agile is unimpressive and i dont like ibanez necks then the scheter it is :S