Here is my latest build, my take on a reverse engineered clone of the 1976-1977 era MXR Dyna Comp. Custom PCB layout designed in ExpressPCB and graphics made with GIMP. Special thanks to Rick (Frequency Central) and Pete (Scruffie) for their CA3080 donation offers that helped make this project possible! I'll build one more copy to serve as a spare backup using the other CA3080. I've never used a compressor effect before so this is all new to me!

Fender Malmsteen Strat > Boss NS2 Noise Suppressor > NS2 Send > NeoClassic 3080 Compressor > NeoClassic 741 Overdrive > NS2 Return > NS2 Output > VHT Special 6 Ultra Amp > Amp Send > MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay > Boss RC3 Loop Station > Amp Return
Wow, that is a great looking pedal. The wiring is super tight and the paint it awesome! great job!