Been ages since i posted on here but just started getting back into guitar again I started looking back on songs i used to have a go at and came across two weeks the main riff for it is that played with all downstrokes or alternate picking? it just sounds really heavy for alternate picking but im sure noone could play it with just downstrokes ? XD anyway cheers for the answers.
Also hope this is in the right section.
In the music video they do it downstrokes, and it sounds like downstrokes in studio, but they definitely do it alternate live.
I used to do it alternate picking, but now I try to do it down picked 'cuz it's awesome.
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I do it down picked cause i'm hardcore like that

and my alternate picking is terrible.
Ya down picked from what I can tell, an it's one of my favorite song's by them.
the triplets are alt picked, everything else is down picked
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the triplets are alt picked, everything else is down picked

I'd seriously hope the triplets are alt picked.