Hey guys, I have a zakk wylde crybaby right now, and was wondering if anyone knows how I can make it "spring-loaded", like the morley bad horsie 2 is for example. I was wondering if theres a way I could make it spring loaded without having to get it modded or anything crazy like that?

Thanks a lot
glue a spring from the underside of the toe part to the base plate? that might be a pretty ghetto way to do it, but I think it would work.you might need a rather wide spring so it stays balanced when you push down.
or multiple springs, and I think putting it just on the toe side of the middle would be best as thats where the most pressure is applied when you are wahing

EDIT: or a spring over the treadle might work best
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i tried this once on a 535q. basically i removed the top plate and just slot a thin spring over that corrugated plastic piece. although i didn't like it. the spring kept slipping into the hole, and i didn't want to solder or glue it down.

you could work on that though.