I have a first act LP style copy with a removable neck, I want to customize the guitar body for a unique look and maybe throw in new hardware and some pickups, but the neck is broken. I've looked on guitar center and musicians friend but I'm not sure where to find a replacement neck for this guitar. Would it even matter if I used the LP style neck or could I just throw on a strat neck? I'm not too sure on these things, haha. Thanks for any help. Also what's a good website for replacing hardware on a guitar?
Erm Warmoth is probably your best bet for finding a neck to fit the guitar and for all the new hardware to be honest. You would have to use a Les Paul neck really as Strat necks are a lot thinner so it would not fit in the neck pocket.
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You've missed the point. I don't need this guitar, it's a Fun side project that I'm hoping to make it be of some use rather than waste my time customizing a body that I'm not even going to use. I have a nice Ibanez that's worth around $800 and I really don't want any other guitar.. This isn't meant to be a main guitar
I have a neck I could take off my Epi LP Special that I could sell you for cheaper than buying something from Warmoth
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