So i found a version of the starting lines "island" on youtube by a guy named john allred. his version of the song can be listened to here on youtube


someone posted a comment of what they were pretty sure the chords were. they sound correct to me but i cant really place the chord changes :/

i could really use some help on this as i would really like to play this song for my girlfriend.

i have managed to work this out so far. im not sure how correct iam

E B C# A
4 7 0 5
5 7 0 5
4 8 1 6
6 9 2 7
7 9 4 7
x 7 x 5

Verse 1:
Let's sail away, find our own country
We'll build a house and beds out of palm trees
C# B A
Let's get away, let's push our lives aside

I'll sport a smile, take in some color
Under the stars, I'll be your lover
C# B A
With no distractions I'm gonna treat you right

Pre Chorus:
When it seems like things are only getting better
When it seems like we can never catch a break


Just a keep a hold on me don't let go

If you float away, if you float away

Waiting too long for a ship to come

Don't you float away, don't you float away

Verse 2:Repeat Verse 1 Chord Progression


Chorus x2


And if you like (and if you like)

and if you like some other time

I would like to introduce you to the finer things

If we survive (if we survive)

If we survive, get out alive

I'd like to say how beautiful I think you...

Chorus X3

please try to give me a hand if you can. all i really need are the correct placement of chord changes. most of it is there already. thanks so much i would really appreciate any help at all
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C4C please
this version seems to fit if you put a capo on the 3rd fret and play the chords indicated....... try this one.... The chords are the same as yours basically except for the C# which is according to this person a C#m .....


C# - x46664 would become E
G# - 466544 would become B
Bbm - x13321 would become C#m
F# - 244322 would become A

So with this version and what you have I think you can put itm all together now.....

By the way, I sent you a pm as well....
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