Mix is much too cluttered up the middle and thin. The only part that sounds right, imo, is the clean break from 1:51 to 2:08. You need to find space for everything.

I would double track your main rhythm guitar parts, especially the chugs, and pan hard L/R to leave the middle open for the leads and snare. Also make sure you high pass filter everything, reverb included(HP this higher than the guitars), because the kick gets lost through most of the song.
thanks for the reply
For double tracking would you arm two tracks at once or Record them both seperately?
I'm new to recording haha
No probs.

Always record separately. The whole point of double tracking is to the get subtle differences in takes. If you simply duplicate, or have exact copies of the same take, panning them will only increase their volume down the center instead of the widening the stereo image.
This. Stereo recording is pointless unless you have some slight differences between the two. Copy/pasting works, but not nearly as well as a separate recording of the each part.

Listen to much Cloudkicker? I hear a lot of his stuff in here. If it was mixed a little (ok, a lot) better, it could almost pass for his work, aside from not being quite as droning as some of his stuff tends to be. The melodies and whatnot are good, but the lead tone is a little thin and the rhythm tracks ought to be hard panned.

Thank you!
I love Cloudkicker with a passion haha. I'm definitely gonna try to get some thick rhythm tracks with that advice.
And I'll listeen to your track right now.