Sorry if this has been asked a billion times but the search feature didn't yield the results I am looking for.

My current situation is I am looking to trade in a vox ac30. It is simply too loud I love the tones I get from it but yeah just too loud. I play at home I don't gig so the quieter the better.

So anyway with a budget of about 500 USD. I am looking for a tube amp that is bedroom level that I can get some good classic rock and blues tones out of. (I have tried and not interested in the blackstar products or the ac4tv). I am seriously considering the class 5 but the local GC doesn't have any in stock so it would be an online purchase without trying one. My two concerns are how loud is it being a class a amp. (can I even get suitable tones at bedroom practice levels). Also I have heard there is a chasis rattling issue with some of the older models. Anybody know if it's fixed?

Also if there are any other suggestions in that range I am open to them.

Thanks in advance.
Well you need to turn up the class 5 pretty loud to get a good crunch tone so I dont thibk that would be your best choice. Is there any other amps you were considering?
Possibly a fender champ or whatever their low power offering is. Haven't gotten a chance to try one.

EDIT: Also would attenuating the ac30 be possible/practical in this situation?
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I would never trade an AC30 for ANYTHING. Especially not a Marshall Class 5.
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I haven't seen the jet city amps but have heard great things I am def on the lookout for them. As for the pod. I had a pod 2.0 years ago. Have they improved since then cuz it sounded pretty flat to me.

And yes it pains me to get rid of it as well lol.
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They're both going to be loud as absolute ****.

Get an attenuator for it. Job done.
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well i havent played the newest PODs but i have heard they have improved a ton, i plan on trying it out next time i see it, as im going to be in the same situation soon, just got a 120w tube amp head and im off to uni next year.
Well I am trading it for cash buying an amp and pocketing the rest. Or I am thinking I will just get an attenuator. I reAlly don't want to give uP my amp.
Personally I'd go for the attenuator as you never know....
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If the attenuator is out of the question there are plenty of low-wattage options.

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I think the Class 5 will be fine and a good choice. Yes, they fixed the rattle issue.

you may also want to look at the Night Train, Lil Night Train, AC4TV by Vox. Also the Epi Valve Jr, Egnater Rebel Tweaker, Bugera V22, Fender SuperChamp, Peavey Vypyr, etc.