I acquired a V.J. Rendano P-Bass copy for free at an old garage sale. The previous owner had NO information about it...

Well yesterday I broke the G string, but I think I should replace all of the strings, as they are quite old...

How can I find out the string gauge of this bass?

I would like to keep the same gauge of strings on, but I have no clue on how to find out what that gauge is...

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experience and comparison are the only real things that are going to tell you what the gauge is.
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experience and comparison are the only real things that are going to tell you what the gauge is.

Sad but true!!!

OP, if you don't feel like just guessing or trying out diffrent ones then deciding on the one you like most then sticking with them "which is what most people do".

You can use a Micrometer or a pair of calipers... but in all honesty it would probably be easier just to pick a set of strings and run with it.

There are quite a few threads on here about strings, I would check into those and talk to other bassists to see what type "Flat, Round, Semi-round, Tape" and style "Mellow, bright, ect.." of string you want. Then pick a guage accordingly.
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Take it to a luthier. Since the previous owner didn't knew squat about it and the string are old, probably hasn't been set-up in a while. If you have it set-up, you'll notice worlds of difference.