Im not sure if its the fact that I suck at doing A chord, or that theres something wrong with my G string (third thickest string). When I play Eminor, it sounds perfect. Nothing wrong with it, no dullness, nothing. But. When I play A, it sounds terrible. Dull, and everything. And I'm pretty sure its not my fingerplacement because I test each string out with my fingers the way they are. Some help please?

OP, what tuning are you using?

Standard? Because in standard your third thickest string is D not G... EADGBe

Also what position are you playing the chord... 1st position "open", 2nd "barre", ect...
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Well played, sir, well played.
A chord.
Thats the chord. Sorry, im failing at naming the chords properly. Im learning off of myself xD

Anyways, uhm. Im using Standard Tuning.
Oh, I see. Your right, it IS D. Thanks.

And im using Clean. I even tried if it was my amp's fault, so I disconnected it from the amp, it still makes that screwed up sounds.
Maybe you're out of tune? You need to describe this "sound" in further detail before we can help you.
I think it's your tuning is slightly off or you're doing it wrong. Still it's pretty hard for anyone to fail with this chord.

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Nah. Its not my tuning. I tuned it like 3 times with and without connecting it to my tuner.
I was thinking maybe it has something to do with my bridge? Not to long ago, i had to screw a small screw on top of the bridge on the E string. Probably tomorrow ill record what it sounds like.
check your intonation
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I'm not sure but make sure you aren't strumming the low E string (thickest string when you are playing the A chord. You shouldn't and it won't sound very good.