Hi guys, I'm hoping I can get a hand with what I'm running into. I can add pictures/video about anything you have a question on if this description of the problem doesn't help.

Here's what I have (in this order):
  • TC Electronic Polytune
  • Dunlop Crybaby Wah
  • TC Electronic Nova System
  • Boss Loop Station (NEW ITEM)

I have everything above going into the effects loop of my Blackstar HT-5 Head. Once I added the Loop Station everything went to hell in a hand basket. When I attempt to use the looper I get all sorts of odd echo, super low volumes and just weird behavior.

I then tried to run everything into the front of the amp, with just the looper in the effects loop and that didn't work either.

My end goal is to be able to play something on one channel (clean) and loop it. Then play something else over it (with gain mostly).

Obviously I can't run the looper into the front of the amp or anything/everything looped will have gain added/taken away when i switch channels. It seems it belongs in the effects loop.

Similarly, I CAN put the Nova System in the front but I'd prefer to have it the effects loop simply because of the time-based effects I like to use. But it does do quite well in the front, if I have to.

Regardless, no matter where I put the looper it just doesn't seem happy with me...

I tried setting my password to "penis". It said my password wasn't long enough.

*ME Quatro
*SE Soapbar II
H&K TubeMeister
TC Electronic Nova System

PBT Native