Well I've accumulated this stuff over the past month. My goal was to get a simple recording rig, but I picked up a few other goodies along the way.

M-Audio Fast Track Pro

Yes, thats me and my man John Petrucci

I switched a Line 6 UX2 (didnt play well with Windows 7) for this puppy. Phantom Power, 2 mic inputs, two 1/4 inputs, and midi in/out. No latency issues, completely noiseless. Took me a while to figure out and Pro Tools M-powered isnt working too well with Windows 7, but I use reaper so thats ok. Doesnt feel too strong, so I'm being extra careful when I transport it. It does the job.

Morley Bad Horsie 2

I'm not a big fan of wah, I just needed this for a few covers. Got it for $60 bucks, so I cant complain much. The fact that you step on it and it activates is pretty cool, although there is a slight delay. The contour knob is neat, so I can customize my sound. Then without the contour activated, it sounds just like the original Bad Horsie. It isn't the greatest sounding. It doesnt have as powerful an effect on my signal as I had had hoped. Built like a tank.

Alesis Micron

This thing is incredible! It has fulfilled my expectations and then some. I'm not a very good player, but I wanted to get into the world of synths. It covers trance, techno, house, hip hop, etc. Its also got some classic sounds such as jump. This programming on it is deeper than I expected. I could literally go on for pages about how much I love it, but I'm gonna let you look one up yourself. You can also plug your guitar into it to get some interesting sounds.

And my friend came over today with a gift.

I had no idea...

Yay a bunch of cables

And a load of mics! We've got an SM57, some beatup Sure mic, two Radioshack "Realistic" dyanamic mics, another unknown, and an SM58. Pretty cool stuff. They all work, now I just need some practical uses for them.

Oh and I got some shoes. Theyre really comfy and make me feel awesome.

If you want clips of anything specific, let me know!
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Quote by SimplyBen
Does the Micron do 8 Bit sounds?

Yes, theres a patch I really enjoy called "Boss Battle". The Micron has FM Modulation which is great for 8-bit sounds.

@dopelope: Glad youre enjoying your fast track. Theyre great products!
That looks like some awesome stuff! Those new shoes look darn comfy too, to boot!

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can those shoes do the Drop A br00tz???


i'd enjoy that wah of yours if you really dont want it
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I thought the brand on the shoes read "Sharter"...

Why did I laugh?
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I was more jealous that you got a picture with John Petrucci than any of the gear tbh

But nonetheless, nice man, Happy New Stuff Day.
I just had a Bad Horsie 2 for a couple of days. I liked it.

There is a trim pot on the PCB labeled "delay" that can be tweaked to adjust the amount of tome for on/off.
high tops FTW
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