I've always had a fantasy about a nice telecaster with neck p90 and a bridge single coil. My only problem is i have nothing to compare it to and i have no skills. i figure some light modding would be a good way to learn so does anyone want to help me out?
How would the two pickups sound together or would i need a new neck pickup and if so what suggestions do you have?
what type of p90 should i get (soapbar, dogear, gibson p94)?
Also would it be easier to customize a humbucker or rout a single coil tele?
any other gems of wisdom you have to offer would be appreciated.

For the record i play alternative rock, blues, classic rock, slide guitar, and anything really.
hey man, I can help on one thing. the P94 is humbucker size, so it would fit a tele with a neck humbucker rout without too much issues. bout all I can do for ya, but good luck, sounds like an awesome build!
Strangely im doing the same thing right now. I'm putting a seymour duncan p90 at the neck and a hot rail in the bridge. I the only thing i believe is that you have to rout out the neck pickup a bit more and obviously cut the scratch plate out for it too fit.
As for sounds i think the p90 will just make it much more blues/soulful. I'm going to use it mainly for acoustic sections and the hot rail as the real grunt.