Hi guys, just got myself a boss product and am looking for a 9V adapter. The one that boss sells is around 20 bucks, but that seems a little silly for a simple 9V 200mA adapter....do you guys use any alternatives that work just fine? I have a 9V adapter that is 1000mA, but i dont know if thatll ruin the product or not....thanks!
if the MA is the same or higher than what the pedal calls for then it will work fine just never go lower as that won't work and may mess up the pedal. i use a 1-spot to power all of my pedals.
the adapter you have should be fine as long as the polarity is the same and the Ma is higher then what the pedal takes. a one spot is good. but dont buy boss' adapter its a piece of complete shit, the insulation is so cheap after a few bends it starts to fray and short out. legit i had mine spliced and held together with electrical tape in so man spots now i use a one spot, which cant get this problem because the wires are separate.
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Don't cheap out on powering your pedals, man. I was reading a thread on TGP just yesterday about a guy whose One Spot fried, and took out about $700 worth of pedals with it.