Hey guys.

I've been looking to get a new guitar within the next few months to play metal, and softer stuff on. I have £700 max.

I want a hardtail guitar, no floating bridges.

H-H or H-S-H kinda pickup setup. Or H-S if a tele or something. Not really sure about different kinds of pickups. Which do you think would be better? Les Paul style pickups or EMG style?

For style, i'm not really sure. I like Telecaster shapes, I like Superstrat shapes like Ibanez, I like Les Pauls. I generally like guitars with pointy headstocks but not pointy bodies, telecasters being an exception.

So far, things like PRS, Ibanez and Sterling by Musicman have been catching my attention most, but I like Fender and Gibson too.

Help me find a good one!

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well they both pretty equally matched imho. i would play them both if you could and pick to see which is more comfortable to your style of music and to your play style in general.
Honestly your range is too wide for us to narrow it down for you. You would be better off going to the manufacturers' websites and looking up the models on your own, then asking for recommendations from a list of guitars. Also your guitar has very little impact on your sound genre-wise. Pickups typically define that, and a lot of people replace stock pups almost immediately. With that price and description, the only thing that's narrowing anything down is the hardtail.
For metal, and some softer stuff, which of the PRS (probably SE) guitars would be best?

I've had a look through Ibanez and I can barely find any hardtails.. Only an RG1451 and some SA models. Not a fan of the ART ones.

There's the JP50 and JP100 from SBMM, which look good.

And which of the cheaper Gibson Les Pauls are good? There's so many different types, I can't tell which would be good..
Most of the PRS SEs are so-so at best.

There are very few Ibanez hardtails in current production, which means you would have to go used or try to grab a RGA hardtail (which are pretty good), though those will require a pickup exchange.

I don't have experience with the JPs.

You could grab a Gibson Les Paul studio series for your price range, although I wouldn't recommend it. Epiphone LPs are good if you're set on getting a Gibson/LP. However you are definitely paying for the brand name when it comes to those.

This is the Jackson alternative to Ibanez superstrats, and it comes with pickups that you actually don't have to replace. http://www.jacksonguitars.com/products/products.php?group=Dinky-Body&page=1&product=2911006803 That'll run you about $700 US.