I have a Gibson LP-295, its a goldtop les paul with a bigsby that was gibsons guitar of the month in april of 2008. When i purchased the guitar it had NO buzz what so ever, but the action was high for me at the time, so i lowered it not knowing what i was doing, so now im ready to go back to the original action, so i looked at the pre-pack checklist, and i don't understand what it means. I have pictures of my pre-pack check list, and a ruler i found that i hope could work when setting my action. if anyone could tell me the steps to setting my action back to what the list says id appreciate it so much. (btw i have 10 gauge gibson strings)

dont worry too much about getting it back to the exact height it was when you first got it. it looks like its very easy to adjust the action on that guitar, so just start raising it a little bit at a time until theres no buzzing.
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There's no point measuring, the actual height isn't really important. What is important is whether it's comfortable for you to play and whether the strings are ringing cleanly - knowing the exact measurement isn't going to get you any closer to those answers.

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