So a couple weeks ago I saw an ad on Kijiji for an Ibanez RG for $150. It didn't look like one of the RG350's you see on there all the time so I took a look and after getting the serial number and pictures I figured out that it was a 1998 MIJ RG570. The ad said the guitar was in great condition and I was super stoked. When I went to get it, it had ****ing barbecue sauce on the back and it was definitely in players condition. Still being well worth it, I said I'd only give him $120 due to the the condition. Cause I'm cheap like that haha. He took it obviously.
I got it home and pretty much had to strip the whole thing down, clean it and put it back together which took me 3 hours. The Trem posts weren't even screwed in and the trem was fully into the body. So I took it all apart, and to get everything on it clean, it took me almost an hour and a half. Then I had to do some research on how to properly tighten a few things and reinstall them. That took another hour or two. Once I got it all put back together and set up it was a pretty nice guitar. The finish is alot nicer than I thought it would be. Half of my gear is green and green is one of my least favorite colors. Still in players condition with a couple tiny chips and some barely visible lines in the finish, but it's a solid axe. I still have to find the correct tool to adjust the truss rod, cause I guess this one is special and needs a socket instead of an allen wrench But anyways, solid axe. Amazingly solid axe for $120 Really really nice to have a guitar in a standard tuning for a change too


an MIJ 90's Model Ibby for under $150. it fills my heart with jealousy(and a little hate) HNGD!!!!!!
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The person selling it had no idea what it was, just what it said on the headstock. You just gotta keep your eye out on kijiji/cragislist and you can find some absolutely incredible deals. I've seen TC Nova Delays go for $75, Schecter 7 strings go for $30 and Mesa Mark IV's for $600. This time I actually had some cash to snatch it up.
Damn dude, I spent $350 on my RG570! And I know how you feel, my RG570 is grey and I really do not like grey But hey, sweet guitars, right?

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ya the basswood sounds nice on the mij rgs. Sometimes you get extremely soft examples though that you'll just have to look at them wrong to chip/ding/etc. This is in my own experience with lots of MIJ rgs. They are AWESOME guitars though.
veryyyy noiceeeee

sweet deal on that!!! HNGD
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And I thought I stole an Ibanez DTX-120 for $100...

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I have a question actually, for anyone who has a high knowledge of trems.
The guitar didn't come with the stock trem bar, but it did come with one that isn't meant to fit. I'm guessing that it is what caused this problem, but the hole for the trem bar is really loose. I tightened it in the back of the trem with a phillips screwdriver and after some very light usage (with an edge trem bar) it became loose again. I was thinking about blocking the trem, and probably still will, but I'd like to get it figured what the problem is there.
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And I thought I stole an Ibanez DTX-120 for $100...


Nah, you still stole that without a doubt.

But this.. Wow. E-jealousy, activate..
Awesome! Looks sweet! HNGD!
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I wished I got deals like that on gear.

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The cheapest I got was 75 dollars off on my Ibanez. You got a hell of a steal there. HNGD!
PS. No E-jealousy here. I just need to pay more attention to these things.
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