Ok people, hello im new in the forum.
Been playing guitar for like 4 years and i always have listened to all kinds of music.
But lately i found my sound and synyster gates and alexi laiho have the sound that i want to practice and follow!!!
So whats next? with which tabs of both bands should i start?
alexi is a beast.
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For children of bodom, some good songs to learn would be triple corpse hammer blow, silent night bodom night, follow the reaper...well that's if you like the older style of COB better than their newer style. Same thing goes with a7x, their old stuff is very different than their newer stuff; so it really depends. For a7x newer stuff, some songs that i think are good examples of syns style would be nightmare, almost easy, lost, and god hates us.
But really just learn songs, or just parts of songs from both bands that you really like, and would like to be able to write something like that in your songs.