Since im starting to gig in a modern rock band, i need an axe for D standard and Drop C. SO, im getting one specifically set up for this tuning. I ussually play .10s, should i go a little thicker so the guitar holds tune better? I dont have locking tuners, but i dont wanna go so thick the string tension is to tight for bends. I use Boomers right now.

I'm using 10-52's in D Standard on my Charvel, and its got perfect tension for me. The low strings are tight, but not overly tight, and the high strings are easily bendable without being spaghetti.
I'm using EB Skinny Top, Heavy Bottoms.

It won't really help tuning stability, before I got the 10-52's I had 9-42's on there in D and while being loose, it held tune perfectly.
i used to play 10s in the same situation, switched to 10-52s and its the best thing ever once you get used to it.

i use ernie ball skinny tops, heavy bottoms ( i think theyre called that) the only thing thats kinda annoying is that its really easy to over bend if youre not paying attention and switching from e standard with 10s on your high strings to drop c or d standard. because of this im thinking about switching to 11s but switch to 10-52 guage or something similar for sure
10s should be fine, for drop d, if you get down to c, they might start to get a little loose. the best way is to try it out first to see how you like it, if they are too loose then get 11s, just because the strings are thick doesnt mean that they will be tight. heavier gauge strings are made for lower tunings for that reason. now if you get 13s and tune to standard, then you'll have a problem.
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yea, i used to use the skinny top, heavy bottom for D standard but then i put some 11's on there and it was a perfect balance and i like it way more.

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i use 9's for D standard and drop C. doesnt affect me at all and I'm on an FR trem. its actually only takes a small action adjustment for 9's (to me it seems anyway) but for a no hassle setup 10's should do it for you.
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i use 9's for D standard to standard but idk why that works for me. bends are great and i dont lose too much tension in D standard. max i would go now would be 10's. but if you spend most your time in Drop C rather then D standard, try a set of heavy bottom light tops. i prefer DR cause i like theyre feel.
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Hmm...Maybe il play it safe and just go for the .11s. The guitar will be tuned to D so String tension shouldnt be an issue. I may drive the heavy bottoms strings too. Thanks alot.
start with heavy bottom strings first then see if you want more tension on the high strings