The jack input on my Ibanez RG-7421 has gone sloppy and wont hold the cable properly, so I feel like I need to replace it.
Before I do that, is there a way to tighten the clamp inside?

If not, I've found a input that seem to fit, but it doesnt have the guitarmodel in its description (would probably bring a gigantic list of guitars,I guess).

Anyway, here's the name,list,and a picture. Hopes for some help
Sorry for eventually posting in wrong forum section.


Ibanez 3JK1C12DZ Output jack cylinder

Output jack for EXR-170, GSA-60, GSZ-120, IC-40, JS-100, MTM-1, MMM-1, RGT-42DX, S-520EX, S-470, S-470DX, SA-260FM, SA-120, JEM-555
DWB-35, PGB-1

im not sure about that new imput but you can push the pins that hold that jack in and thighten it like that
It's happened to me with my esp a couple of times. Hold the middle bit with a clampy thing and twist the outside bit. Be careful that you don't just turn the whole thing round cos it'll **** your wires up inside... which also happened to me -_-
You can't really tighten a barrel jack, the piece that makes contact with the tip of the cable is all internal.
A replacement won't cost more than a couple of dollars.